Chicken Rice (serious food)

Posted by Carbunkid in Food Related on May 8th, 2007

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Chicken rice I believe all had eat it before unless you are in the western part (if have the chance you can try this recipe XD its nice). I learned myself how to do the Hanainess Chicken rice.


1 whole chicken (best if its kampong [village] chicken), 1 lemon-grass, rice (amount depends on how many people eating), 1 large slice of old ginger, a bucket of ice-water, some vegetable if you like.


Firstly we need to boil the whole chicken (yup iterally a whole chicken, so find a large pot…) with the slice of ginger too. When its fully cooked, carefully using a tool to take the chicken out from the pot and dump it in the ice-water(you must be thinking that I’m doing cold dish? I can say maybe ^^;;) When the chicken is cooled down, just leave it on the plate and on the table with a cover over it so that no nothing can steal the chicken. Now on to the rice. Still remember the pot of leftover oily water that used to boil the chicken? We need that to cook the rice. After washing the rice, we pour in the oily water. Amount will be the same as you cook normal rice( eg, 1 cup of rice will need 1 1/2 cup of water). And mashed the lemon-grass and tied it into a knot to prevent it from mixing into the rice and let it be cook with the rice. If you using the electric rice cooker, your job will be done by the cooker. If you are using the old pot to boil the rice.. just be sure the rice is not burnt. When the rice is cooked just removed the lemon-grass, cut up the chicken into edible slices and you have your own home-cooked chicken rice~~ Lovely.

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