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Cooking is one of the necessary part of life. And I learned a few home cook methods from Grandma, Mum and Nanny (Nanny took care of me since I’m in kindergarden but her service ended when I’m primary 5.. sort of miss her)..

A few types of cooking methods are; boiled, fried, stir-fried, steamed, grilled and many more.

Today I wanna share a nice ‘mushed’ food with my readers which is Ketchup Egg Luncheon Meat. Sounds weird?Maybe for you but its pretty nice (although doesn’t look that nice). Ingredients we need are; 1 egg, half can of luncheon meat and 3 spoons of ketchup(more or less depends on your taste-bud).

First we need to dice the luncheon meat into cubes. Then boiled them in water. Pour the hot water away then put the fire to low fire so that it will not burn the meat. Then add in the ketchup and stir them nicely so that each of the meat gets covered by the ketchup. Then lastly beat in the egg and wait for it to cook. Ta-da~ we have finished the Ketchup Egg Luncheon Meat. Looks mushed but taste nice. Good for Babies and Elders. Ahh~~ Yum yum….

Try it out!! (if you dare hahahah…)

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