Posted by Carbunkid in Food Related on May 16th, 2007

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Sandwich the most easiest food to make. All you need is a few slices of white bread (whole-meal bread or other types of your prefer breads) and ‘leftovers’ or you make the meat in between. Leftovers are those liked slices of hams or bacons or fried eggs, etc etc. There are a few simple sandwich.

There is the butter and sugar sandwich. You just spread the butter and sprinkles the sugar all over the spread butter bread and dump it into the mini oven and wait for it to toast. You can see the sugar starts to boil on the butter. Yummy…

There is the luncheon meat sandwich. Just thin slice the meat and fried it and slap it between the breads with some mayo to go with it.

There is vegetarian sandwich. Just boil the leaf veggie liked cabbage or long peas then place them nicely in the center of the two slices of breads and press them tight so that none of the veggie will fall of when you bite into them.

These are the few of many kinds of sandwiches. You can try different types of recipe and you will know there are countess of ideas of sandwiches. Hahah……

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