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Lately I have been window shopping online and Qoo10.sg is one of my favorite site to browse. As I was browsing away this product had caught my eye for sometime already and I asked my hubby if I can purchase that. My wonderful hubby gave me the pass and I picked up 2 bags which will be most useful when traveling.

The first is the multiple pouch bag which is pretty useful as I always had a problem finding the items in my bag that I had to dig dig dig~~ (I’m guessing most ladies having the problem as I’m facing)

The second item is a bag for storing women’s bras and panties when going for traveling oversea or a short vacation if you need to fresh change of undergarments. This bag helps to hold the undergarment neatly packed away and you will not afraid of destroying when they are in the big traveling luggage.

I gotten them from this shop on Qoo10 called PuppyStory (hope she/he don’t mind I post about this XD). The seller is very friendly and also inform that they are late on shipping when they came back from their business trip. Which keeps us to date on when we will received the items. So I give them a thumbs up on this.
Free gifts are a surprise. Whee~~

Now I have gotten my lovely bag organizers, I can’t wait for the next traveling trip to use them. XD

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