My Wishlist – Jan 2014

Posted by Carbunkid in Blogroll on January 5th, 2014

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Everyone will have a list of what to have in life, same goes for me as well. I will write my wishlist here and hoping I can get them granted XD.

Old time favorite is the cotton candy maker. I love to munch on cotton candy when I have a chance to buy them, so it will be great if I can make at home too.
Secondly I will like to have is the popcorn maker, who doesn’t love to snack on popcorn while watching movie~~
Thirdly is a healthy air fryer. We totally love fried stuffs especially fries and wanton, so to own a air fryer will be a healthier choice.
Fourth on my list is a bread maker, everyone love the smell of fresh baked bread out of the oven and if the bread maker you can make custom bread liked banana or berries.
Fifth and last for now, I really wanna own an embroidery machine that can sew pattern that I design not those that comes with their own preset.

Yup that is my wishlist for now~ Share with me what is your wishlist too~

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