Do’s and Don’ts during pregnancy

Posted by Carbunkid in Blogroll on January 7th, 2014

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As I am still in pregnancy (8 months now) I will like to share some tips with you on what we should avoid in doing and eating.

When you are pregnant, you will often hear people say “don’t do this and that….” Yup and it will get annoying if you hear the same things over and over again. But then again it is better safe then sorry.

When you are carrying an extra life in your tummy, your body will feel different liked hotter than normal, you will feel more tired then usual and your body will feels more ‘hairy’ Yup that is your body hormones changing and building the best condition for the baby to grow in. And that might create some inconvenience for yourself and your partner because you might not understand your change and might be in bad mood mostly of the time. So try to read up on the body changes before getting into a fight with your hubby.

The don’t do list is try not to stay in warm place as you will get over-heated very fast and will feel dizzy and worse case will lead to fainting. Even bright areas are bad to stare at. So try to bring around a pair of sunglasses.

This is a common knowledge tip that everyone will know, which is not to lift heavy stuffs. even movement must take note not to move too fast and too sudden. These sudden movement is bad for the little baby that is still growing in you.

Food intake also have a few notes to take notice. Cold food will affect the baby’s growth and might cause weaken the baby’s immune system after the baby is born. But once in a while it is okay to take a little bit of cold stuffs but not too much. There is a certain type of banana ( i need to check which type) which might give baby flame when baby is growing and will give baby weak immune system too. These are a few types of food which can do damage to yourself and the baby.

Next is sleeping position, as the tummy is growing so does your body is changing to adapt the space require for the baby. Your rip cage will expand and boobs will grow bigger which might cause you having breathing problems later on. The best sleeping position is to lie on the left side. Why the left side you asked, the placenta of the baby is position on the right side of the womb, so if you lie on the right side it will get squashed and baby will not have enough blood circulation and worse case will lead to still born baby. So try to invest on a good memory form pillow to support your left arm as you will sleep on your left side most of the time. Your left arm will have bad blood circulation, but with a good pillow you might have a good night rest, unless your baby prefer to do exercise every night, which mine does. Invest on a good bolster will help your blood circulation on your feet.

If your baby loves to exercise at night, it will be best to have morning naps to recover the lost rest as much as possible as you will need them to work rest of the day. And also you might not have the chance to do so when the baby is born.

Basically that are the tips I know of now. Let me know if I missed anything out and will let to share with the all the mummies out there. All comments are welcome =D.

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Do’s and Don’ts before pregnancy

Posted by Carbunkid in Blogroll on January 6th, 2014

I will like to share some tips on prepping yourself to have a healthy baby. I read some tips online that smokers will reduce the chance to having a successful infertile embryo to 60% chance which is quite a high drop not including the age of the lady getting pregnant.

So if you wanna have a good chance of getting pregnant best is to quit smoking before trying. Smoking also might have impact on the baby later on which might be dangerous to the growth of the baby.

Age plays a major role in getting pregnant, as you age the ovulation will be lower when you are in the twenties. So best to plan ahead on starting a family early in life.

We as human loves to eat food and always the best finger licking food are always bad for health liked fried stuffs. These food are really bad if you don’t eat them in moderation. Obesity is another factor that will reduce the chance of getting pregnant. So try to reduce the intake of oily food and stay healthy.

As working adults, stress is part and parcel of life for them. But do you know that stress is also a main factor that reduce the chance of getting pregnant? Especially it have greater impact for those who works on irregular hours liked at night shift. The body internal clock will be messed up and stress reduces the ovulation. The best if you are planning to start a family, request to work office hours and take a long vacation liked at least a week off and have a nice time with your another half of your life.

As the age progresses, our body will weaken and having lesser nutrition then before. As a Chinese, we have a few types of Chinese herbal medicine that can improve the health of the body to be ready for pregnancy. It is either in pill form or drink form which is super bitter. Everyone’s requirement on the herbal medicine is different so best is to approach a well-known Chinese medicine practitioner to take a look on what your body is lacking and he/she will prepare the best combination herbal medicine for your consumption.

Basically that are the major tips on prepping before getting pregnant. So best of luck in having a healthy baby of your life. The next topic I will focus on is do’s and don’ts during pregnancy.

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