Do’s and Don’ts before pregnancy

Posted by Carbunkid in Blogroll on January 6th, 2014

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I will like to share some tips on prepping yourself to have a healthy baby. I read some tips online that smokers will reduce the chance to having a successful infertile embryo to 60% chance which is quite a high drop not including the age of the lady getting pregnant.

So if you wanna have a good chance of getting pregnant best is to quit smoking before trying. Smoking also might have impact on the baby later on which might be dangerous to the growth of the baby.

Age plays a major role in getting pregnant, as you age the ovulation will be lower when you are in the twenties. So best to plan ahead on starting a family early in life.

We as human loves to eat food and always the best finger licking food are always bad for health liked fried stuffs. These food are really bad if you don’t eat them in moderation. Obesity is another factor that will reduce the chance of getting pregnant. So try to reduce the intake of oily food and stay healthy.

As working adults, stress is part and parcel of life for them. But do you know that stress is also a main factor that reduce the chance of getting pregnant? Especially it have greater impact for those who works on irregular hours liked at night shift. The body internal clock will be messed up and stress reduces the ovulation. The best if you are planning to start a family, request to work office hours and take a long vacation liked at least a week off and have a nice time with your another half of your life.

As the age progresses, our body will weaken and having lesser nutrition then before. As a Chinese, we have a few types of Chinese herbal medicine that can improve the health of the body to be ready for pregnancy. It is either in pill form or drink form which is super bitter. Everyone’s requirement on the herbal medicine is different so best is to approach a well-known Chinese medicine practitioner to take a look on what your body is lacking and he/she will prepare the best combination herbal medicine for your consumption.

Basically that are the major tips on prepping before getting pregnant. So best of luck in having a healthy baby of your life. The next topic I will focus on is do’s and don’ts during pregnancy.

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