Cut the Ribbon… ( Wheres the scissor? )

Posted by Carbunkid in Uncategorized on May 4th, 2007

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Welcome to my pinkish world.

Its my first time to blog about my own works, my favourite stuffs and etc etc… Please bare with me as sometimes might take me a long time to finish one blog. But I will try to make it pleasant to read. Oh my, I haven’t introduce myself (how rude).. My nick is Carbunkid and I prefer to be noted as that if you please. Why Carbunkid? Because I fall in love with a creature in a game called Carbuncle from Final Fantasy 6. It looked ordinary but after my friend (Shiki) keeps talking about it (which happed about year 1997 ago) then i notice its pretty cute! It wasn’t as simple as that, popped ‘Carbunkid’.. it had derived from Carbunclestone then Carbungem, etc etc after a few rounds and the final perfect form of the nick is Carbunkid. (Phew)

Hmmm that will be all I will write for now. Stay tune for more interesting blog. (coming soon…)

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