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Posted by Carbunkid in Review on January 11th, 2014

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Re-posting this as it was accidentally deleted by mistake.

Recently I found there is a online sample store in Singapore that gives out samples either for a charge of handling fee or sponsored which delivery is free of charge. So I chose the sponsored items to send to me to try the service of the online and also to review on the product that is sent to me. At the moment the sponsored items are Darlie double action Enamel Protect toothpaste, Brands InnerShine Marine Collagen Essence Strip and Hada Labo Super Hyaluronic Acid Hydrating Lotion.

The delivery time from the day I requested for my samples are within a week time, which is quite fast. I myself was feeling pretty excited to received them and can’t wait to try out the samples. The packaging is a neatly sealed pack with logo on it. Nice and self promoting envelope hehe.

Product Review.

Darlie Double Action Enamel Protect- nice 50g sample good enough for 1 week of travel usage. The smell is liked spearmint taste, after a week of using it my teeth feeling so fresh and strong. I should use it on my hubby who have bad breath lol. Overall it is worth a buy for people who have sensitive teeth and at an affordable price in the market.

Brands InnerShine Marine Collagen Essence Strip – sample including a leaflet on what’s the product is made of and how is it to help to improve the collagen level in body, neat! A discount voucher if you decided to purchase the product. And 3 sample strips of the collagen. Was hoping they will provide with the 3 different favors of them but I only gotten the Kyoho Grape favor which to me it’s liked a strong Ribena taste. Amazing there isn’t the fishy tase liked from the sea but just the taste of berry. Cools, it will works for people who can’t stand the fishy smell and also needed to replenish their collagen. Daily consumption is 1 to 3 strips, but I was addicted to the taste and finished off the 3 sample strip under an hour XD. Overall it is worth to get and easy to bring around for those who is always on the go and these doesn’t takes up the time to prepare, just open and eat. I noticed my picture having the discount code, I’m not buying the collagen strips at the moment. So if you can use the code please do so and enjoy the treat~

Hada Labo Super Hyaluronic Acid Hydrating Lotion – sample is a tiny 9grams lotion. Very small to put in your personal bag to bring along as you might need an extra moisture boost on your face. After cleansing the face the neat step and toner plus moisturizer. This product pack a strong punch and will properly beat the other moisturizer flat. A tiny bit of the product on my face feels amazing smooth liked a layer silk covering it. After a day of applying it I still feels the silky feeling not sticky nor oily. Overall of this product, I will definitely go buy it when my old moisturizer rans out.

Overall experience on getting and testing the products from, it is good. And hoping if I have some income I will try out the other samples. XD.

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Review on Bag-in-Bag a purchase on

Posted by Carbunkid in Review on January 4th, 2014

Lately I have been window shopping online and is one of my favorite site to browse. As I was browsing away this product had caught my eye for sometime already and I asked my hubby if I can purchase that. My wonderful hubby gave me the pass and I picked up 2 bags which will be most useful when traveling.

The first is the multiple pouch bag which is pretty useful as I always had a problem finding the items in my bag that I had to dig dig dig~~ (I’m guessing most ladies having the problem as I’m facing)

The second item is a bag for storing women’s bras and panties when going for traveling oversea or a short vacation if you need to fresh change of undergarments. This bag helps to hold the undergarment neatly packed away and you will not afraid of destroying when they are in the big traveling luggage.

I gotten them from this shop on Qoo10 called PuppyStory (hope she/he don’t mind I post about this XD). The seller is very friendly and also inform that they are late on shipping when they came back from their business trip. Which keeps us to date on when we will received the items. So I give them a thumbs up on this.
Free gifts are a surprise. Whee~~

Now I have gotten my lovely bag organizers, I can’t wait for the next traveling trip to use them. XD

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Review on Mama Milk sample products

Posted by Carbunkid in Review on January 3rd, 2014

I have been experiencing new things when I am pregnant liked having to hate certain food which I love, sleeping position that will benefit the growth of the baby and get more tired as the days progress. To be able to provide enough nurtrition for the baby, I have to take mama milk formula. As a new mum I have totally no knowledge on which formula is acceptable, so I went online to search for samples to try out. I requested from most of the leading formula milk brands, but sadly up to now I only received 2 products samples.

The first milk sample I received is from Dumex which I received it within a week time after signing up and requesting from their website.

Inside the large package there are, 2 packets of milk sample, 1 information chart telling you how is the baby growing month by month, 1 leaflet on the mama milk, 1 leaflet on dryper plus a free sample of dryper, a free gift of a small waterproof bag(not too sure if it is use to keep the drypers? but neat!) and 3 vouchers.

The vouchers are 1 $5 discount for the purchase of Dumex Mama milk which I already used, 1 spa massage from BabiesBellies of $10 discount and lastly is $10 discount from a Spring store if you meet the $100 purchase. Quite a load provided from Dumex!

The next product I received about 3 weeks later is Wyeth. Maybe because they afraid of people simply request the samples for fun, they have service crew to contact the person requesting to double confirm on the information before sending out the samples. Great service if you think about it.

Inside a small package is 2 packets of milk sample, 1 leaflet on the mama milk and a $5 discount voucher for the purchase of S-26 Mama milk which also I already used.

Overall I’m still drinking the Dumex brand and haven’t try out the Wyeth brand yet. The no sucrose formula milk makes the milk less ‘heaty’ and the taste is nice too (I wasn’t a fan of drink pure milk).
Hoping to finish the Dumex brand milk then I will try out the Wyeth milk and will write a review on it. So have blast when you request for free milk samples, will post the links below of our leading milk brands.

Nestle Baby Club

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